The House

Welcome to the Black on White Interracial Bunny Mansion! The Premier location for Black Men to enjoy little White SnowBunnies in SecondLife! We offer a luxurious atmosphere that is relaxed and inviting, dedicated to Interracial play. Each room of the House and the surounding beach is outfitted with the best furniture and equipment found in SecondLife, whether you are looking for adult fun, or to hang out and relax around a game table, you can find it at the House. Our House Bunnies are second to none and always ready to welcome new guests. Please make sure to check out the House Rules below, and we hope to see you around the House!


  • BackBone, Ruckus, Darkfolds, Cuming Soon furniture pieces.

  • 8 Fully Furnished Play Rooms

  • BSDM Room for Bondage Play - Red room

  • Dance Floor Singles & Couples

  • Special Event areas

  • Bunny Mansion Station Streaming Music

  • Indoor/Outdoor Pool

  • Adult Movie Theater

  • Beach Play Areas

  • Apartment Rentals

  • Game Tables

♠ House Rules ♠

  • Respect Others - Respect other peoples limits, boundaries, relationships, and scenes.

  • No Basic Second Life Avatars - Mesh/Bento bodies required.

  • No Child or Furry Avatars - Adult human avatars required, Management makes final decision.

  • No Micro or Macro Avatars - Normal size human avatars required, Management makes final decision.

  • No Alts or Bots - Do NOT run Alts or Bots in order to increase chances of winning money or prizes.

  • No Separate Animated Attachments or Particle Emitters - No animated attachments which are separate from your body or particle emitters that may cause others lag issues. This also includes Dance Pole attachements.

  • No Advertising or Spam - Advertising or Spamming visitors will NOT be allowed (NO Bloodlines).

  • No Excessive Gestures or Sounds - Keep gestures and sounds to a minimum, do NOT play them repeatedly.

  • No Escorting or Findom - Money is NOT required to play, do NOT ask or demand money from others.

Management reserves the right to remove anyone at anytime with or without warning.

Group Tags:

House Bunny tag:

  • Bunnies ONLY play with Black Men.

  • Applicants ONLY play with Black Men.

Male tags:

  • Daddy - This tag is use by both white and black Daddy's.

  • Black Stud - This tag is Only for Black Men.

  • Cuckold - Required to be naked and caged; and must kneel or crawl while at Black on White.

Female tags:

  • HotWife - This tag is for naughty wifes that are interested in playing into the kinky.

  • BabyGirl - This tag is for the young ladies who are playful BabyGirls.