Love the Black on White House and want to make it your home too? Check out our Skybox Apartment Rentals! We have decked out each Apartment with all the fun items (Ruckus & RaWAge) people enjoy, plus give you enough prims to add other items you may want.

♠ Features ♠

  • Prim Allowance: 100

  • Casper Security System

  • Ruckus Let's Smash Couch

  • RaWAge Furniture & Shower (Bento/Aeros/It's Not Mine)

  • QYN Wall Sex Engine (368 Poses/62 Dances/779 Anims)

♠ Terms ♠

  • Price Per Week: $L200

  • Rentals are non-refundable!

  • Rental Minimum is 1 week / Maximum is 4 weeks.

  • Extra land impact can be purchased by request.

  • Eviction will occur 24 hours after rental expires.

  • Sub-tenants can be added by Renter.

♠ Rules

  • Keep objects within your rented location!

  • No breedables or excessively scripted objects.

  • No temp rezzers or excessive particle emitters.