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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question - Is there any charge or fee to play with a House Bunny?

    • No, there is never any cost to play with a House Bunny. Tips are allowed, but not required.

  2. Question - Can I take a House Bunny to my private place (or Skybox Apartment) to play with?

    • No, all play with House Bunnies must occur within the House or Club areas. Private Apartments are off limits to all employees of Black on White. (At Owners Discretion)

  3. Question - Are House Bunnys required to play with all guests?

    • No, while House Bunnies are employed to entertain guests they do have the right to decline.

  4. Question - Why do I lag or others complain of lagging?

    • Answer - There are 2 types of lag in SL, there is region lag and there is viewer lag.

      1. Region lag happens when you have too much running on the simulator, too many objects and/or too many scripts, similar to running too many programs on your computer and overloading it. When there is simulator lag then everyone will feel it, objects will stop responding to clicks, delays in getting menus or doing pretty much anything. I keep a very close eye on the simulator and it is running perfectly fine, and currently we are only using 10K prims out of a 30K prim full region, no where near capacity. We also reboot the region daily to ensure that it is always running in top condition. At the time of writing this there are 56 people on the region and it is running at 45 (max of 45) FPS with a 1.0 time dilation, which is as perfect as you can get.

      2. So, that leaves us with viewer lag which is what most people experience, and that is because they are usually running on hardware that isn't capable of rendering all of the complex avatars (or objects) that are on the region. Avatar rendering is the hardest thing in SL, and everyone wants to look their best with hundreds of prims attached to them, mesh bodies and heads, BOM, etc, and it takes a lot to render. When you have a lot of those avatars around it can bring common hardware to its knees. When I walk around the house I don't have any issues, but my hardware probably isn't "common" for most people. We do have some rules in place to help limit this, like separate animated attachments or particle emissions, but we can't tell people to look less sexy. lol

      3. What I recommend for those having issues.. Decrease draw distance.. Move to a less crowded place in the house, like the pool. Or turn on viewer options like "Show Friends only". Hope that helps.

  5. Question - Is Voice allowed?

    • Answer - Yes people are allowed to voice in Local at the House. However, voice is NOT required by anyone. House Bunnies are also NOT Required to voice during roleplays.

  6. Question - I was removed from the Black on White group, but i can still enter the House?

    • Answer - The main reason this happens is those that come for the Money Board. After multiple suspision of being an alt or bot. You would have been sent an IM from an Owner/Manager telling you this. The message will also say that you have been removed from the group but you are still welcome to visit the House.

  7. Question - I am NOT an alt or bot, how can i get back in the group?

    • Answer - Please understand we all make mistakes from time to time. This happens by chance when you leave at just the wrong moment, just as several avatars crash. This is what leads to suspisions in the first place. In these cases De Amore Genna does return access to the Black on White group. Please contact her personally on Discord @ De Amore Genna#1396.