Call me Sin!

Short Bio:

Hi, I'm Sin...a blonde, horny, bbc-addicted nympho fuck doll. I have well and truly been "Blacked" as they say. I crave being stuffed full with big black cock, every throbbing moment you're inside me is a moment of bliss. I'm happiest when I've been fucked into a sweaty, trembling cum-soaked mess. Come find me at the mansion and live out your dirtiest fantasies!

Turn Ons

  • Confident, strong black men who know how to treat me.

  • Rough, hard sex! Pull my hair, fuck my throat, choke my neck, slap me around...Show me what my body is made for! it's guaranteed to leave me a hot, squirting mess!

  • Threesomes (MMF) and gangbangs. Nothing in the world compares to being stuffed full of big black cock in each and every hole.

  • Deepthroat and throatypies. Put my mouth and throat to good use. Makeup is meant to be ruined.

  • I have a very sensitive pussy. It won't take long before I'm a wet squirting orgasming mess on your big black dick. Please don't think that this is your cue to stop. Use me for your pleasure until YOU cum!

  • Cum, cum and more cum! I love being covered head to toe in thick, creamy loads. I have all the INM cum layers so please, please use them.

Turn Offs

  • Excessively long RP and foreplay...don't keep me waiting! If you see me at the mansion I'm probably already horny af! No need to impress me with long, elaborate foreplay.

  • Possessiveness and jealousy. It makes one look weak and I'm here to be used by and serve as many strong black kings as possible.

  • Constant IMs. Please understand that I do have stuff I need to do in SL and RL and cannot just simply drop everything. Please also respect that I prefer to play at the mansion.


❤ BBC ❤ Rough/Forced sex ❤ Hair Pulling ❤ Choking Slapping Spanking Breath play Dirty talk Exhibitionism Cuckolding Deepthroat/Facefucking Bukakke Creampies Throatpies Anal DP Threesomes Gangbangs