Call me Mel!

Short Bio:

A slutty Bunny who loves to be fucked and treated like a cock and cum addicted slut. She loves being coated in cum, or having it fill any and all her holes. She’s a little more on the curvaceous side, with a large ass and huge breasts. She has a few different body options to suit your desires.

Turn Ons

  • This one is totally into big, muscular and strong looking men. She loves seeing muscular shiny mesh on a hung stud.

  • Variety is the spice of life, and her pleasure. You don’t need to do everything possible in 1 hour, but if you see her multiple times, try something different. She’ll appreciate something different each time. If you fuck her pussy the first time, maybe fuck her tits or ass the next time.

  • Unprotected, risky sex is a major turnon. However it can be ruined by saying something like “you now have my babies”. It’s not and shouldn’t be a guarantee, with leads to the turnoffs.

Turn Offs

  • Spamming the HUDs is never fun. Please avoid doing it just to get her covered in cum in one go, or in attempt to guarantee impregnating her. Gradually being coated in cum and not know who bred this slut is far for fun for her

  • Calling her yours is highly off-putting for this one. She’s not and won’t be yours, she’s a slut, she doesn’t belong to anyone, but is there for everyone to use.

  • Bitting is not something she enjoys. Same goes for love-bites. Anything similar that will lead to pain, except maybe some spanks, is only a turnoff for her.