Call me Aiko!

Short Bio:

A Bubbly, Sensual Asian Bunny who loves to RP, She is here to have fun and most importantly make sure everyone is having fun around her. She is very imaginative and loves to Roleplay, She loves to do long term roleplay involving character development and stories, She is very open-minded and loves to adapt to situations and challenges. If you catch her at the right time then you are definitely in for a Ride and Lot of FUN.

Turn Ons

  • Black Men who know what they want and act like Men

  • Bit of Respect

  • Have Fun Conversations

  • Men Who are good at RP and indulge me in their Fantasies, Sure love to act them out.

  • A well made Mesh Avatar with all the Accessories

Turn Offs

  • Shemales--Nothing Wrong with it just not my thing.

  • People who are not decisive about what they want, If you want to RP and play get on with it.

  • Massive Dongs like unrealistic.

  • Too much Disrespect, Abuse and Trying to Mutilate and stuff

  • Breaking Character and Going OOC



-Anal Sex

- Rough sex

- Tit and Ass Spanks

- Covering in Cum

"Yes Splash the gooey goodness all over me. If you want to know more just come play with me."