♠ Bunny Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a House Bunny at Black on White! We are always looking for Active and Dedicated Ladies into the Interracial Lifestyle and Kink, that want to do more with their SL time. Black on White is a LIVE ACTION Roleplay Resort of sorts. As a Hostesses/Entertainer, it is a House Bunny's Job to: Greet and Welcome all Visitors, as well as introduce Guest with others, to help people meet and mingle while they are visiting the Mansion. A Bunny is also Active in Nearby chats and Group chats encouraging and Inviting members for a visit or to an Event.

The House now has a new process in which to hire House Bunnies.

Bunny Trainee

  • Scheduled Interview

  • If pass Interview:

    • Trainee tag in Land group

    • Assigned Trainee role in Discord.

    • Assigned Mentor.

Probationary Period

  • 2 weeks probationary period

    • more if needed.

  • Follow required House Bunny rules and duties.

  • Unpaid Bunny Training.

Bunny Review

  • Bunny Evaluation google form.

  • Conduct and Attendance Reviewed

  • Made offer of House Bunny Role or Notified of Dismissal.


  1. MUST Speak English.

  2. Work at least 8 hours per week.

  3. Pick in Profile for Black on White (at all times, with links to the website and your Bio Page).

  4. Must Join the Black on White Discord channel (Text Only).

  5. Wear the House 'Black Owned' Tattoo & Bunny Ears.

  6. Nipples and Pussy Always Exposed.

  7. Group Post at least 1 per hour.

  8. No Competing Employer in SL.

  9. BBC ONLY.


  • Base Pay @Bunny - $250L Per Hour (Max $1K Per Day)

  • Base Pay @Host - $500L Per Hour (Max $2K Per Day)

    • Rules & Requirements

  • Apartment - Assigned Residence and prim count.

♠ Submit Application ♠

In person interviews will be scheduled once applications are reviewed.